In the vibrant city of Dhaka, Bangladesh, a beacon of expertise and innovation shines brightly – Trade and Investment Bangladesh. Rooted in a legacy of business acumen and digital prowess, we are not just a consultancy and digital marketing firm; we are your unwavering partners in prosperity and growth.


Visionary’s Journey:

Founded by the distinguished Mr. Md. Joynal Abdin, a stalwart in the realm of Bangladesh’s business consultancy and digital marketing, Trade and Investment Bangladesh is a realization of a vision born from 17 years of experience and dedication. With an illustrious career that includes pivotal roles within the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI), SME Foundation, and Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI), Mr. Abdin brings a wealth of expertise that has now been channeled into creating a platform that caters to the diverse business support needs of the Bangladesh business community.

Catalysts of Transformation:

Our journey began with a profound belief that businesses, regardless of their scale, deserve access to strategic guidance and cutting-edge digital strategies. We are driven by the conviction that prosperity is achieved not in isolation, but through symbiotic partnerships. As catalysts of transformation, our mission is to empower businesses to evolve, thrive, and conquer the dynamic landscape of modern commerce.


Values That Define Us:

At the core of Trade and Investment Bangladesh lie values that illuminate our path to excellence. We are driven by integrity, a commitment to transparency, and an unwavering focus on delivering value beyond measure. Our interactions are underpinned by ethical standards that ensure every partnership is built on trust and authenticity.

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Trade & Investment Bangladesh

A Holistic Approach:

Our comprehensive suite of services is a testament to our holistic approach to business growth. From the foundational pillars of mentorship and intricate business research, to the intricate nuances of export market selection, product positioning, and seamless buyers-sellers matchmaking, we encompass every dimension of your journey. Beyond consultancy, our digital marketing expertise transforms businesses into online powerhouses, leveraging social media, search engines, and digital platforms to bolster your brand’s resonance.


Navigating Challenges, Seizing Opportunities:

We understand that each venture is distinct, each challenge is unique, and each aspiration holds its own significance. With Trade and Investment Bangladesh, you’re not just availing services; you’re gaining a steadfast partner to navigate uncharted territories and capitalize on unprecedented opportunities. We stand by your side, adapting our strategies to align with your objectives and amplifying your potential for enduring success.

Our Vision for Tomorrow:

Our vision extends beyond the horizon of business transactions. We envision a landscape where businesses are not only successful, but they also contribute positively to the societal fabric. We aspire to be the driving force behind transformative growth that reverberates far beyond boardrooms, nurturing a legacy of innovation, sustainability, and progress.


In a world where change is the only constant, Trade and Investment Bangladesh emerges as your compass, guiding you through the seas of uncertainty toward prosperous shores. We invite you to join hands with us, to believe in the power of partnership, and to embrace a journey that holds boundless possibilities. Welcome to Trade and Investment Bangladesh – Your Partner in Prosperity and Growth!

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